Monday, January 9, 2012

Artwork for my bedroom

My bed.

2 placemats ($2 each at Big Lots), 8 Dollar Store picture frames (8 x 10 size, $1.50 each), 1 can of  Krylon Satin spray paint in Caramel Latte (Wal*Mart, less than $5)

Before - black

After - shiny antique gold

I got in too much of a hurry and completely missed one side!
I found this paint to be a little runny, but it works fine for the look I wanted to achieve.

The 2 placemats I chose
I got this kind because it was double-layered. Now, I can have 8 pictures instead of 4.

I cut right along the seams to separate each placemat into 2 peices of fabric.


Then, I placed the glass from the frames onto the mat so I could pick which parts I wanted in the frames.
I used a silver Sharpie to mark because it was easier to see than pencil, and I don't mind if some silver shows.

Now that the lines are traced onto the fabric, you cut them out.
Make sure you have SHARP scissors - this fabric will start to fray and come apart if you don't.

The finished art pieces! Be careful putting the fabric in...I was going too fast and broke one of the frames a little bit...and then proceeded to Super-Glue my finger to the frame, which ripped off some of the paint. I left it because it'll be a great funny story to tell my kids one day.

Now all that's left is to decide how I'm going to hang them. I'm thinking either like this:

[] [] [] []
[] [] [] []

Or, like this:

[] []
[]     []
[] []

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