Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good space-saving organizational idea for my yarn.

My BFF and I love to browse Pinterest to look for creative ideas.

Well, after searching and coming up empty, she thought, "What do I need to organize the most right now?" and it turned out to be her yarn.


I've recently gotten very into my crochet (even though I only make scarves and blankets and the occasional little toy) so I have TONS of yarn.

She had the idea to use a shoe organizer for hers. Her organizer is short, stout, and rotates. Works perfect for her closets.

Mine is just a cheap Wal*Mart one that is tall and thin. I have this closet in my bathroom that I never use for hanging clothes, and it fits perfect in there! Here's what I used:

And, here's my finished product! The only thing that didn't fit was the project I'm currently working on.


  1. @mommashappy - Thank you! I love it - it works SO WELL and leaves everything really accessible. I am able to finish more projects now, which is always a good thing :)

  2. Great idea, wish I could use it. I have limited closet space and hanging space plus a grown puppy that likes to pull things down that are hanging, especially with shoes or yarn so I can't use the back of doors. I have a huge stash of yarn and have been thinking of getting some clear plastic shoebox size boxes and sorting by brand, type or size and labeling them. They could then be stacked for easier access. Right now my stash is mostly in bags, boxes and trunks. Makes it hard to find yarn for projects. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the shoe holder idea..

  3. Awesome idea! Shared it in my blog post! http://www.creatiknit.com/archives/8-ways-organize-messy-yarn-stash/