Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Magnetic Make-Up Board

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest!

I find lots of great ideas on there - some I modify, like this one:

It's a magnetic make-up board.

I bought a large print at a thrift store for $3. The picture doesn't matter - I just wanted a large wooden frame. You don't need the glass, either. (The glass broke as soon as I got home - good thing I didn't need it anyway!) It worked out well because I used the picture as a base, if you get just a frame, you will have to get a sheet of metal that will fit in the frame, or a sturdy piece of cardboard to attach the metal to.

So, I got a small sheet of metal - 12 x 18 - from Lowe's for around $4. I don't have a lot of makeup, so this was big enough for me. They had lots of different sizes - if you need something BIG, go to the kitchen area and get a backsplash. I don't remember where the smaller pieces were, I think electrical, but the employees there were really helpful and knew exactly what I was asking for. You're going to want a thin sheet so it's not too heavy in the frame. (Unless you're just going to have it sitting on your counter. I plan on hanging mine up on the wall.)

I flipped over the print, and duct-taped the metal sheet to the cardboard. Then, I covered the entire thing with sticky contact paper. The tape was about $4, and the contact paper was $2.

After I had the contact paper applied, I went around the edges with duct-tape metal sheet was 12 x 18, but my cardboard was larger, so I used the tape like matting. (Also, it just double-y secured the metal to the cardboard- yay!) The original plan calls for fabric to cover the metal, but I found the tape and contact paper cheaper and easier to apply.

Then, I used Glue Dots and mini magnets for the backs of my makeup containers. I like these because they are strong, but still removeable. The original post I found said to use hot glue. I am accident-prone and did not want to burn myself!

What do you think?

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